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iTero Intra-oral Scanner 

Digital scans for all crowns, appliance and Invisalign. Call or visit the dental office of Dr. David Carothers in Portland, OR, and schedule an appointment for same-day dental care today!

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What are the benefits of iTero scanner?
The iTero scanner takes minutes. Comfort — No more goopy mess to deal with or discomfort while taking impressions of your teeth. Better Results — The accuracy of the iTero scans is far superior to impressions and also provides us with a far more detailed visual of your teeth and soft tissue.

What is the difference between iTero and impression?

One major difference between traditional dental impressions and iTero digital impressions is accuracy. Traditional impressions have been known to produce errors due to improper placement or movement during setting, while iTero digital impressions capture precise measurements every time.

What is the purpose of intraoral scanner?
Intraoral scanners use the most advanced 3D imaging technologies that capture the exact shape and contours of the teeth. Enabling the dentist to have better scanning results and clearer teeth structure information of patients and give accurate and appropriate treatment.

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Our goal is to get patients out of pain and on to better health. We do this by administering state-of-the-art care using advanced technology. Schedule an appointment with Dr. David Carothers 

We offer a five-year warranty on fillings and crowns. Patients must visit our practice every six months for routine care to ensure restorations are in good-standing and oral health is optimal to be eligible for warranty. Contact us today!

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