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I appreciate you! I can honestly say that I think out of all the dentists I have seen, you are by far the best! You make going to the dentist (which use to be very, very scary) a positive experience. I really appreciate your honesty and calm nature. The work you do is always so good and I am grateful for your patience. Thank you so much for being such a great dentist! And thanks to your great staff as well! Oh, also, you are the most painless dentist I have ever been to.

Lisa D.

I really appreciate the oral appliance over the CPAP machine. I feel like it is doing me a lot of good. I am very happy with it.

T. V.

It is intimidating to be a new patient, a new widow in a new state and a new resident at CherryWood. Inquiring among residents, I became aware of Dr. Carothers - favorably! Just wanted your staff to know my experiences at the office are satisfying and appreciated. You are warm, friendly and professional; giving your patients the sense of being in good hands. Bless you!


Afraid of dentists due to some bad experiences in my past, I walked into Dr. Dave's office with apprehension and fear. I was greeted by an attractive, smiling, full-of-life receptionist who made me feel special and was truly concerned over my needs. I went through the complete process of implants. Fearful of pain, Dr. Dave assured me that he would not do anything until I was pain free and he kept his word. When I had my new smile, everyone in the office was interested in how I looked and were all so sincerely happy for me. It was like having my family with me instead of a dental office.

Each visit or phone call with Sarah puts a smile on my face with her positive, joyous attitude and her sincere concern on how a person is doing. I had a problem, that for me, caused me to call Dr. Dave on his cell phone. I left my message and he returned my call in a short time to tell me how to handle my problem; I was surprised. Needless to say, I have told others of this wonderful staff of people. It is so good to know we have places we can feel like we are not a number but a real person. Thank you Dr. Dave and Sarah.

Eileen B.

I just recently had my tooth pulled by Dr. Carothers and was instructed on how to take care of my extraction site and what selection of foods I should eat-mainly soft foods. Since I work in a restaurant, I had lots of choices; 3 soups, mashed potatoes etc.

The next day one of my regular customers came in and ordered soft food. This was not his usual food choice; so I asked if was doing ok? He said he just had a tooth pulled and was following instructions from his dentist.

I let my customer know I was sympathetic, as I had just had a tooth pulled the day before as well. I began to let my customer know how wonderful my dentist was; he had never hurt me, I never felt the needle when getting the shot and he always made sure I was numb before doing any work.

My customer began to then let know how much better his dentist is; how he also gives great shots, has a great sense of humor and donates dental services to people in South America. We bantered back and forth for several minutes about the skills and abilities of each of our dentists. I finally asked my customer who was his dentist and he said Dr. Carothers, to which I replied, you mean Dr. Dave? We laughed as we figured out we have the same dentist. What are the odds?

Jeannie S.

This office is well run and I have a great relationship with my dentist. I'm almost 60 and this is the first time in my life where I've been happy to go visit my dentist. I always get more understanding, they TEACH me something that helps improve how I care for my teeth. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Dayle Ann M

I wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to Dr. Carothers & his tem, they were SO friendly, caring & professional & went above & beyond as well as restored my faith in dentists after a VERY BAD experience in another dentist chair!! I would HIGHLY recommend them. Thank You!! Sincerely Andrea Michaels

Andrea M.

I was very pleased with your new Dental Hygiene Assistant, Hannah. She was smooth, thorough and efficient. I appreciated her pleasant demeanor and attention to detail. S. Robinson

Steve R.

Low-key is the name of the game here -- just what I like in a dentist's office. Each and every staff member is super friendly and helpful. Sarah's warm smile and down-to-earth conversation when you walk through the door is very inviting. The check up / cleaning is thorough and fast.

Jody L.

The happiest, friendliest office staff ever! I will be pleased to visit y'all again.

Jake C.

Having gone to dentists who overcall unnecessary procedures, it was refreshing to be with Dr. Carothers. He and his staff are thorough, caring and kind. I really like Stephanie, who teaches me without scolding. Sarah’s bright and her warm ways make her the ideal receptionist.


As always, my experience with Dr. C is as terrific as a dental visit can be. I have had 2 emergencies for which he responded immediately and as painlessly as possible. With an in-house lab, crowns are a one-step process - no temporary crown followed by a second visit. More importantly, he understands phobias - and he is very patient in working around my fears. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good dentist.


I found Dr. Dave’s office after finding myself with a broken tooth (with a mercury filling in it) and Googling 'holistic dentistry', Portland, OR. From the phone call, to the check-in, to the dental work and check-out, everyone was cheerful and respectful. The work was FAST and comfortable. I think Dr. Dave did incredibly work, removing the mercury and crowning my tooth. He made the permanent crown while I was there! He is also hilarious. In addition, he was sensitive to the fact that I am a nursing mom and assured me the procedures were safe. I am so glad I found him. I didn’t know a dental visit could be so good.


Dear Dr. Dave and Staff,
This is just a little note full of grateful and heartfelt thanks for giving me the gift of smiling again. You and your wonderful warm and gracious staff have made me feel the decision of coming to you was not only cost effective but how wonderful you make us feel. I cannot thank you enough for the gifts of congratulations but for the positive attitudes of your staff. I am recommending you to any who ask about my implants. Thank you!


I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and positive spirited members of David's team. Along with David's commitment to me in regards to what my needs and wants are in relation to my situation, I am impressed with his level of understanding; that I may have not been the most dedicated person to my personal dental care. Previously I have been reluctant to visit the dentist office knowing that I'd experience the lecture here. I am also visiting David outside my dental coverage, but it's worth it!


I broke one of my front teeth during a summer rafting trip -- terrible, right? To make matters worse it broke off below the gum line, so I had to get a dental implant. My usual dentist did not do implants and he recommended that I see Dr. Carothers. I was expecting it to be a pretty rough procedure, what with extracting the root and all that, I thought it would be painful as heck afterwards, with lots of swelling, etc. As it turns out it was completely trouble free. He did the extraction and placed the implant with a temporary crown in the same visit. It was not really any more unpleasant than getting a filling. Of course, I was just happy to be having it fixed. Afterwards it was slightly sore for a couple of days and that was it. When I came back to get the permanent crown I was happy to discover that he could make the crown right here in the office, so there was no waiting around to get the crown back from a lab. I know that it can be very difficult to make the color match when replacing a single front tooth, so I wasn't really expecting perfection. I was wrong. Dr. Carothers made two different porcelain crowns, painstakingly tinting each one to make the color match as well as possible and then picking the best of the two. The final crown was perfect, and now I have my smile back. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Carothers, he is very caring and very talented, and he has a terrific staff. You will not be disappointed.



Very fast, very friendly, very professional and completely painless. I've always dreaded dentist appointments, but I've never experienced appointments like these. They were great and gave very helpful tips on future dental care for me. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I'm actually looking foward to my next appointment without any anxiety!


I'm an expert when it comes to dentists -- I have so many fillings in my mouth, it sets off the airport metal detectors. I've gotten to trust Dr. Carothers more and more, as the old fillings from past dentists -- and surrounding teeth -- begin to fail. Because of his skill, my visits are comfortable and painless. Because of his staff, I feel more relaxed. And, because of his knowledge and use of modern dental technology, I can go from "cracked to crown" in about 90 minutes -- no temporary, no follow-up. In addition to being technically skilled, his work is aesthetically pleasing. If you're tired of ham-handed dentists, if you feel like a "patient number" instead of a cared-about client, if you are afraid to visit the dentist -- go see Dr. Dave and his staff -- the Michelangelo of the molar!



Dr. Dave and his wonderful staff do fantastic work! I can't say enough good things about my relatively long term experience with Dr. Dave. He is the "poster child" for gentle dentistry and a magician in the cosmetic department. Plus, his staff are absolutely the nicest, friendliest folks. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Dave without reservation.


Never in my life have I had a dental experience like this one. I called Dr. Dave's office around 5 PM on a friday with a pain that would not go away. I was in tears and didn't know how I was going to make it through the weekend. Dr. Dave stayed late to give me a root canal. How amazing, I was out of pain and happy to have a doctor that truly cared! Oh and by the way, the orange juice and Starbucks he offers to all his clients are a plus...Thanks, Dr. Dave!



I have loved every experience at Dr. Dave's office! The staff are all very friendly and helpful, and treat each patient like they matter. Dr. Dave is efficient, yet gentle and uses some of the most up-to-date equipment I have ever seen. I am never nervous before a visit to Dr. Dave's office, and I quite enjoy the complimentary beverages offered to clients while they are waiting. I would recommend Dr. Dave to anyone looking for a dentist.


Dr. Carothers is the first dentist to listen to me and take my concerns seriously. What a relief! He is gentle and kind and very skilled. He practices mercury-free dentistry which is important to me. His office staff are friendly and welcoming. I could not recommend this practice more highly.



It's been years since I've been able to eat some of my favorite foods without embarrassment or pain. Now once again I'm enjoying raw vegetables, apples, nuts, etc., just like everyone else. For so long I was embarrassed when dining out because my dentures would slip. Dr. Carothers' treatment of implants to hold my dentures in place is truly amazing. His entire staff was exceptionally friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr. Carothers to anyone who is looking for outstanding dental treatment.

Millie K.

June 21, 2021 - Account of my experience with Carothers Family Dentistry. I first went to a dentist in mid 1950's. Since that time I have seen dentists in civilian and military life. I have gone to dentists on the Atlantic Seaboard, Rocky Mountains, the American Midwest and the American Southwest before coming to Oregon. I have had excellent dentists but I have to say....Dr. Dave Carothers is the best ever. He gave me the most thorough exam I have ever had, including examining my jaw for TMJ. For the first time in my life. He sat with me and not only asked if I has any questions but was patient and calm about listening to me. I have generally health teeth bit I know I would get good and excellent care if I needed any dental work. Dental Hygienist Marla worked on my teeth and gums for my first visit and cleaning. She was the gentelest hygienist I ever had. She also was patient and caring. I usually have a difficult time with cleaning as I have arthritis in my jaws and opening my mouth to have work done on my teeth is usually quite painful but there was no pain involved the entire time Marla worked on me. She put a jell on my gums and I had no discomfort in my gums either. I say hurrah! for Dr. Dave and Team. Even check out was a positive experience. I only wish I had discovered them a whole lot sooner. My son, in his 40's, has not been to a dentist since he was 16. When I told him about Dr. Carothers he was excited about finally finding out about a dentist he doesn't have to be afraid of.

Kathleen Copeland

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